Il Buttafuoco Storico


Colour: Intense ruby red and brillant
Nose: Delicate aroma with flavour reminiscent of woodland barry fruits, cherries and plums
Flavour: On the palate is full-bodied with firm backbone of tannin with a impressive lenght
Blend: 50% croatina,25% barbera,25% Ughetta di Canneto e Uva Rara
Ageing: Maturing in oak casks for minimum twelve months, then in bottle for minimum six months
Alcohol: 15% Vol.
Suggested food & wine pairings: Fantastic with tasty meat, ravioli and soups

Product details



The long experience allowed the Winegrowers Oltrepò Pavese select indigenous varieties that are well suited to this environment and to codify the right proportions to achieve maximum results. By fermentation with joint grapes with different characteristics born Buttafuoco Storico: a unique wine of great structure and components that allow it to last intact for many years. The blend of historic Buttafuoco is as follows: 50% Croatina that brings the polyphenolic structure, color and hints of red fruit; 25% Barbera form with its acidity the backbone of the wine and allows greater extraction from the pomace of Croatina; Finally, for the remaining part Ughetta Canneto and Uva Rara that enrich this wine with notes of elegance and pleasant austerity. Racking Buttafuoco Storico passes in wooden barrels for a ‘refinement minimum of twelve months and then in bottle for at least another six months. The resulting product can not be put on the market before thirty-six months after the harvest. The result is a wine of great body, elegance and softness, but mostly it is a product of great personality, since it expresses the organoleptic characteristics of the vineyard and then the area of origin. A wine “noble” that endures over time continuing to get rich of pleasant characters. The bottle embossed with the “Mark of the Dawn Treader” is the only one that guarantees the authenticity of the product.


Produzione limitata in termini di quantità, ma una grande varietà di territori e di vini. Ecco ciò che caratterizza la realtà vitivinicola della Lombardia, che presenta produzioni molto diverse tra loro grazie a una notevole eterogeneità degli ambienti, dalle montagne alle colline, dalla pianura fino ai laghi.

Dai grandi rossi della Valtellina alle bollicine della Franciacorta e dell’Oltrepò, la Lombardia ospita denominazioni di fama nazionale e piccole denominazioni meno conosciute. In questa regione convivono vitigni nazionali e internazionali, dando vita a prodotti enologici più o meno legati al territorio, ma sempre accomunati da una grande qualità.